20 September, 2021

5 Advantages and Benefits Of Point of Sale Displays For Your Brand


What is a Point of Sale Display?

POS displays are branded structures used to promote and display products. It is usually positioned near or at the point of sale – most of the time the cashier. They can be temporary, permanent or semi permanent.

Purpose Behind Point of Sale Displays

The main benefit of using point of sale marketing is to give enhanced exposure to a brand. Products are in their own branded structure, away from other competitors’ products which are stacked on shelves. Point of sale displays remind customers of the existence of a product and can also inform on a special offer or sale, thus generating impulse purchases.

5 Benefits:


1 – Attract the attention of customers: 

Point of sale displays can be made in various shapes, sizes and colours. It is easy to create an original and on brand display, which will automatically attract the eye by being different from the rest of the retail area. Your retail display can be made in the shape of your product, your packaging, your logo, your mascot etc. Possibilities are endless. The more engaging your design is, the more exposure you will get. The most original retail displays can generate words of mouth, and can also trend on social media! As part of IVE’s retail marketing services, we can design your point of sale and advise you on shapes and materials that will best fit your brand and highlight your products.

2 – Allow strategic product positioning to generate impulse buying

By making your products more visible than your competitors, and by being placed in more strategic locations such as high traffic areas and near the cashier, your retail display will be noticed by customers and will remind them of the existence of your products. Best locations include:

  • At or near the point of sale area which is the cashier or the till. This is a highly strategic location because it is one of the areas with the most traffic, and because this is where customers wait to finalise their purchases. 

  • At the end of shelves or in the middle of highly traversed areas. If your structure cannot be positioned at the cashier, or if your product is not suitable for impulse buying, another advantage of retail displays is that they are free standing or can be attached onto the end of a shelf or in the middle of busy areas. They can be placed near other products that are usually purchased along with yours, but that are not usually showcased in the same aisle. For example a special Valentine’s Day jewelry display can be positioned near the chocolate aisle.


3 – Help Your Retailer Merchandise Your Products and Drive Sales

It can be difficult for retailers to merchandise all products effectively and give the same visibility to all brands. They need to decide how much space to give each brand, and how much time they can devote to ensuring each product is highlighted in the best possible way. As a result, there is a risk your product may end up on the top or bottom shelves, or with the label not facing the customers. Having your own retail point of sale solves this issue for you and for retailers and they even give your brand a competitive advantage thanks to the extra visibility they provide.

4 – Raise Your Perceived Value to Customers

We know it, packaging is key to the success of a product. A retail display is another form of packaging, and therefore another opportunity to increase customers’ desire for your product. Whether you want to give a luxury feel, a playful vibe, an image of quality etc. this can all be achieved with your display’s design.

5 – Cost efficient

A billboard, a magazine ad, or even an online ad can be very expensive. They also target broader audiences who could potentially not be interested in purchasing your product or could even not be looking to make any purchase at all. With these media, you are paying for views that you don’t necessarily want. On top of that, you are usually purchasing these spaces for a very limited amount of time.

Point of sale advertising solves all of these issues:

  • According to the design you pick, they can be inexpensive to make
  • You can choose to use a temporary, semi permanent, or permanent display which is a long term investment
  • They are located in retail stores where customers already came with the intention of making a purchase and the icing on the cake is they offer the same advertising space, if not more, as other media such as print ads.


How can I generate impulse purchases with my retail display?


  1. 1 – Use the right products

The products most suitable for retail displays are convenience goods

  1. 2 – Set the right price

Impulse purchases are usually generated by cheaper products. Make sure your product is cheaper than the average price of products found at this retailer.

  1. 3 – Good deals

Retail displays are more successful when used to promote special offers. “Two for the price of one” is a type of promotion that has proven its efficiency at generating impulse purchases.

  1. 4 – Make a great design

It is important to make sure your display is visible, original and on brand. Stand out from the competition by using contrasting colours and original shape that are in line with your brand

As one of the largest retail marketing agency, IVE can assist you in every step of creating your retail display, from concept and design to execution and set up. Contact us today!

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