10 February, 2022

How to design a shop window display


Having an engaging shop window display design can be the difference between shoppers entering your shop or not. Your retail window display is the perfect way to attract potential customers who are walking by,  display your brand and promotions, highlight new products, elevate your store compared to other competitors’ shops, and ultimately make more money!

5 retail display tips


1 – Tell a story

Telling a story will make your retail window display more memorable. Your window should be more than a catalogue behind a window pane. They should catch customers’ attention, convey the right atmosphere for your brand and ultimately encourage passers by to enter your store. Don’t hesitate to browse the internet or ask our friendly team of retail window display ideas!

2 – Surprise customers 

If you want to get noticed and stand-out from the competition, avoid the predictable. It is expected for windows to be filled with hearts on Valentine’s Day and with pumpkins for Halloween. Break the codes! Revisit the public holidays and celebrations to make them your own.

3 – Play around with colours 

Two out of every 10 people come in because they’ve seen something colourful in our windows. Colours catch the eye, attract customer’s attention, and are also great tools to convey an atmosphere, in line with your brand. In Australia for example, you can use red to convey warmth, strength and passion, orange is for joy, and green is for the environment. Don’t forget to harmonise your colours, whether it is by using a camaieu of colours, or by using tones that are opposite on the wheel of colours.

4 – Keep it clean 

A good practice and good retail window display idea is to keep your window clean, in order to elevate your brand and perceived products value.  Crowded windows and shops often result in a cheaper brand image, and in shoppers not paying attention to a brand because the clutter makes the shop impossible to read.

Negative space is not a waste of space. On the contrary, it can help direct customers’ attention to a specific focal point. Negative space is also a very modern approach to design so it will resonate more with today’s customers.

5 – Use lighting to stand out 

You can really draw a customer in if you just have the correct angle of light on your product. Having the right bulb shade is a key element to your window’s ambiance as well. Lighting also allows you to be visible even at night. Our team would be happy to assist in setting up the best lighting for your window and your brand.

How often should you change your window displays

It is recommended to change your retail window display at least every season to keep it fresh. It can sound expensive but don’t worry, it’s not always about changing your display completely. You can refresh your window display by repositioning your products, changing some posters or banners, dressing your mannequins with other clothes from the same collection etc.

Where to buy window display props and signs for retail stores?

From idea to execution, we offer our clients a full-service retail display solution, from retail window display ideas & conceptual design to rapid prototyping, production, distribution and installation, we manage every step of the process across all retail touchpoints.

These include temporary, semi-permanent and permanent POS displays, window displays, wide format print, retail fit-outs, pop-ups, and internal and external signage. 

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