12 October, 2021

IVE supports STEPtember to help those with cerebral palsy


STEPtember is a fun and inclusive virtual event that challenges you to walk, swim, ride, wheel or spin your way to 10,000 steps per day during the month of September – all while helping to improve the lives of children and adults who live with cerebral palsy.

With over 100 IVE walkers across our Group, we’ve raised just over $20,000. To get to this amazing result our team has stepped 6,000km, which is over 31 million steps. No need to mention that everyone is in great shape now for summer and reopening!

These funds are used to support prevention, research into early diagnosis, therapy and development of innovative mobility and communication technologies that promote inclusion of people with disability.

The idea of getting involved with STEPtember came from a desire to support this great cause while taking up a fun, dynamic, team-building challenge, and in support of some of our staff and their families, whose lives have been directly impacted by cerebral palsy.

Mitch (Account Manager, IVE) and his sister Ashleigh

We could not have done it without the help of Nic, a real sport aficionado and our trainer.

Our trainer, Nic.

We look forward to doing even better next year!

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