Why letterbox drops are still amazingly effective

Think letterbox drops are old news? Think again. Here's why letterbox is still an extremely effective marketing channel.

With websites, emails, and social media platforms now considered powerful channels to reach out to customers, it’s not surprising that business owners might view letterbox advertising as old-fashioned. However, this form of advertising is far from stale and outdated – it actually delivers some surprising results.

A study by Roy Morgan in 2019 found that letterbox drops are read by 13.4 million people in Australia every week.

The appeal of letterbox delivery

Businesses both small and large are increasingly identifying the benefits of flyer distribution in letterboxes, and more consumers want to be contacted through letterbox drops and direct mail over other media methods. But why?

Firstly, brochures or leaflets delivered to a customer’s letterbox tend to be more personal than the mass messages received through email. Businesses can tailor collateral to the needs of the recipients in a particular area or demographic, and short-run digital printing allows them to run small, highly targeted campaigns.

Like email or social, letterbox drops allow for targeted marketing campaigns – focusing on area demographics for cold leads, or your own lists crafted using existing customer data.

Finally, with Australian households receiving on average less than two unaddressed promotional items per week, you can take advantage of this uncluttered channel to get your message across. When a potential customer takes your business's materials inside, they read them in the relaxed, private atmosphere of their own home. Skimming through emails or flicking past online ads feels like a chore, but taking the time to go through the mail at the end of the day gives your reader a chance to really absorb your messages.

Design and execution are vital to success

Though letterbox drops offer limitless opportunities for your business, this form of advertising can fall flat if not executed well. For your letterbox campaign to be successful, it is crucial that you pay attention to two key factors: the material and the distribution of the campaign. For some serious inspiration, head to B&T to check out these 8 Letterbox Media Campaigns You Wish You'd Thought Of. From karate magazine subscriptions sold through a plank of wood to UNICEF's toy soldiers, these campaigns show the power of mailbox to deliver tactile experiences that shift perspectives and take audiences on an adventure.


Keep your material simple, both in content and design, by having a clear objective and sticking to it. Complex and cluttered information will only result in the customer skimming through it. On the other hand, an eye-catching design with bold colours, attractive images, compelling headlines, and well-written copy will keep the reader engaged.

Liquor retailers are known for their highly successful letterbox campaigns, with 38% of readers saying it is the media most useful when purchasing alcohol. This industry excels because customers know what to expect each time they pick up a catalogue: great deals, clear information, and a compelling call to action.

In order to get your prospect to take the next step, your material should broadcast attractive offers that are likely to instantly grab their attention, and prompt them to reach for their phone, computer, or wallet. These could be in the form of coupons, a contest, a discount code, or even a complimentary gift.


Your material might be the best, but it will fail to reap results if it’s sent to the wrong audience. Take the time to do your research, so you can target a receptive customer segment. It’s necessary to have a long-term mindset while executing the campaign. Not everyone will respond to your letterbox delivery the first time, so frequency is king.

Finally, it’s vital to integrate letterbox distribution with your other marketing channels to boost response rates. For instance, a customer might read your material in the brochure, but they might not act upon it until they visit your website, or click through your Facebook or Twitter page.

Carrying through the message from your letterbox collateral to the tone of voice of your Twitter account, the banner on your Facebook page and the hero imagery on your website not only reinforces your offering, it positions you in the reader's mind as a consistent, reliable brand with a clear personality and message.

Very few marketing channels can promise the targeted marketing and large-scale coverage of letterbox distribution. If you’re ready to reach your target audience where they’re most relaxed and receptive, IVE Distribution  can provide you with over 40 years’ experience in letterbox distribution and strategy.

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