Business Intelligence

Our clients rely on us to supply the meaningful data that they can’t get from their own systems.

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What is Business Intelligence?

Business intelligence (BI) involves data gathering, storage, knowledge management, and using strategies and technologies to analyse and interpret data, which can help you make informed decisions to expand your organisation. Accurate and relevant data are key to getting the right return—we have business intelligence solutions that supply the meaningful data you need at the right time through our business intelligence reports, which will measure the return on investments and suggest integrated marketing solutions for well targeted campaigns and other marketing efforts.

What are Business Intelligence Platforms?

Through modern BI platforms, you enable your team to see all the data in one platform while helping you utilise and understand the data collected. BI platforms support your business strategy by letting your team import, clean and analyse data from different sources, including a database, emails, survey responses and more. You can also easily customise the dashboard based on your brand needs and create relevant reports that only include necessary information whenever needed.

Our business already invests in CRM, Accounting and Marketing Software. Is it worth also investing in other software for Business Intelligence?

Yes, because investing in business intelligence software lets your team see the whole picture—all the data in one dashboard, whether from CRM, accounting, marketing or all of the above. In other words, BI solutions connect everything, and you don't need to move from one software to another to gather, analyse and interpret data to make business decisions. At IVE, we can further alleviate the data analysis load with our business intelligence reports. Our experts will provide you with insights taken from your campaigns and come up with integrated marketing solutions for your brand.

What are the key benefits of implementing business intelligence solutions?

Business Intelligence (BI) solutions gather, analyse and interpret crucial information for organisations needing accurate, timely and relevant reports about return on investments. Data collected from internal and external sources include, but are not limited to, total campaign spending, spending by product type & division, inventory & warehousing and more. IVE offers business intelligence consulting to give organisations an overall view of costs and extract insights to develop solutions to improve the campaign further while decreasing spending.

How can business intelligence drive data-driven decision-making?

Business intelligence reports show spending, inventory, warehousing and more, thus helping stakeholders keep track of the campaigns and maintain transparency throughout the process. Once the involved parties have an overall view of the necessary metrics, the relevant data provides insight to make informed decisions quicker, such as where to allocate resources, how to anticipate shortages in the supply chain, how to make improvements to the campaign, and more. IVE offers business intelligence consulting for brands to have full visibility of measured data and collaborate in identifying opportunities to decrease cost spending while efficiently delivering client requirements. Reach out to us to get a consultation for your business.

How does business intelligence contribute to improving operational efficiency?

Business intelligence is all about analytics, data gathering, data visualisation and tools to help organisations react faster and come up with well-informed decisions. So, instead of manually compiling information from external and internal sources, business intelligence automates the process and presents everything in a single dashboard. This lets businesses save time and use it to create reports to present during meetings and shift their focus to making better decisions instead. As all the relevant data are laid out in one place, stakeholders can properly manage resources and prevent possible problems.

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