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In addition to managing our clients’ holistic marketing activities, we can also tap into our accredited domestic and Asia Pacific supply chain.

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What is supply chain management (SCM)?

Supply chain management includes planning, designing, and tracking supply chain services, including supply and demand. Its primary responsibility is to ensure the flow of goods and services (involving every step in manufacturing to releasing process) from the point of origin to customers is smooth and adequately maintained. At IVE, our supply chain consultants and specialists select, accredit, and onboard all supplies while managing the operational and service delivery of your supply chain services in Australia and throughout the Asia Pacific, keeping you on track of everything in real-time.

What is a supply chain?

The supply chain is the system of producing and delivering products and services to customers. It outlines every step of the production and delivery process, from development and marketing to distribution and customer service. This network's key touchpoints are producers, vendors, warehouses, distribution centres, transportation companies and retailers. Make your supply chain seamless. See how our supply chain consultants can help improve your supply chain services through proper management. Reach out to us online.

Why is supply chain management important?

A well integrated SCM strategy opens up opportunities to grow your business. First, it will enhance customer service as it speeds up processes and lets you improve your delivery methods with technology. Second, you have a more informed decision regarding operational cost control because you are on top of your supply chain services and openly communicate with supply chain consultants and other parties involved. Lastly, you become aware of touchpoints that need further improvement or changes to lower costs, improve efficiency and provide a better experience and service to your customers.

What challenges do companies face as they try to improve SCM?

The change in customer behaviour and the evolution of technology are some of the challenges companies could face if unable to catch up with them. For example, when customers buy from multiple channels, the supply chain must adapt to the changes quickly to keep up with the demand. Meanwhile, there are still risks that could happen, such as economic pressures, customers from different countries and more, which could contribute to problems in the future. With that, IVE ensures our clients get the most competitive quotes available while managing your operational and service delivery of suppliers. 

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