Reach 17 million customers a week.

On 1 January 2020 Salmat Marketing Solutions was acquired by IVE and will become IVE’s specialised distribution service. As Australia’s largest distribution network, we can deliver to 7 million homes, reaching 17 million customers a week.

Whether it’s a catalogue, flyer, sample or other piece of marketing material, we’re unrivalled in our ability to connect clients with customers through Australia’s largest media channel in terms of reach – the letterbox.

Our targeted data-driven approach to distribution, ensures our clients marketing materials get in front of the right target audience, no matter the size. From 700, to 7,000 or 7 million households – we tailor our distribution solutions to suit our clients specific needs. By drilling down into the right customer segments for each of our clients, we can also map and deliver tailored marketing campaigns to create more personalised experiences.

Sophisticated reporting capabilities enable us to track sales in a specific catchment area, measure ROI, and provide valuable insights for future campaigns. We also provide detailed post-campaign delivery reports. These contain delivery route visibility via GPS mapping, area representative spot checks, and third-party field agent audits.

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