1 October, 2021

The importance of Brochure printing for your Business in 2021


In today’s digital-driven marketing world, printed materials often sound like a superfluous burden on both companies and consumers. However, despite the increasing popularity of online marketing techniques, the brochure plays an important role in a company’s successful marketing structure. Statistics are adamant, it is crucial for a company to maintain their presence in the offline world. Direct mail has the 3rd highest ROI behind email and social media (Source: Adobe, Why Offline Marketing is Far More Powerful Than Most People Realize).

Reasons why brochure printing is important for your marketing


  • A Way to Build Authority – companies that use printed sales literature such as a brochure send the message to consumers that you operate an established business. It shows you are willing to invest in your company’s marketing beyond digital, and you are willing to do the same with your clients.   

  • Budget-Friendly – as one of the largest  brochure commercial printing companies, we can work with you to create cost-effective brochure designs. In case you would like to print handy booklets, brochures, catalogs or flyers  in bulk, the price will decrease significantly.

  • Expanding your database – while in the digital world, you need to jump through hoops to acquire a database, and comply with multiple privacy policy regulations and GDPR, in the print world, all you need is to choose a geographic area to distribute your flyers or brochures in prospects’ mailboxes. Our team can help you reach the best target for you, thanks to our geotargeting technologies.

  • Eye-catching – brochure printing allows you to have some fun with designs and create original artworks in ways digital just cannot accommodate. You can play with varnish, textures, origami and folds etc. All these visual effects will attract customers and engage with them. We can assist you with your brochure design and printing, as we offer both design services and printing services.

  • Focus your customers’ attention – the digital world is so crowded. Everywhere you look, an ad pops up or a hyperlink appears. Each of these occurrences is a risk of losing your customer to another website. Print does not suffer from this issue. You have your customer’s undivided attention. You can focus your brochure on one area of your business just like you would with a web page, or include your entire offer just like having your website in your customer’s hands, without all the digital distractions. 

  • Descriptive – a brochure gives more space to describe your company or products and services. Digital ads often come with length and character limitations. For example, a PPC ad has 30-30-80 character count limitation (2 headlines up to 30 characters, one description up to 80 characters). 

  • Networking – brochures can be printed in bulk and handed out at tradeshows, conferences or even your competitors’ establishments. 

  • Versatile – printed brochures are very versatile and can be distributed through multiple channels, including direct mail, newspapers, malls, exhibitions, inside the packaged order, displayed into your reception area etc.

  • Hybrid – print can include a digital component, but the other way around is impossible. You can reach your less digital oriented customers through print, and redirect them to your website, by:
    1. Having your website written on some pages
    2. Including a QR code that redirects to your website

Different types of brochures


  • Bi-fold brochures are flyers that are printed on both sides and then folded in half, usually with a single fold down the centre. Therefore, an A3 sheet printed on both sides and folded vertically to create two A4 sheets is called 4pp A4. They’re also known as leaflets. Contact us to enquire about our custom printing leaflet services.

  • Tri-fold brochures are flyers that are printed on both sides and folded into thirds. They are usually printed on an A4 (297 X 210mm) and folded twice to a 6pp DL (because the finished size is DL and each folded panel is counted as a page). 

  • Cross-fold brochures are flyers that are folded vertically and then horizontally. This can happen several times (see crush fold below). A common example of this is an A3 sheet printed on both sides that is folded in half, and then half again to create an 8pp A5 brochure (cross fold).

  • Crush-fold/map-fold brochures are when you fold a cross-fold brochure over on itself, for example an A3 sheet printed on both sides, tri-folded and then folded over again to create a 12pp DL brochure.

  • Roll-fold brochures are multi page folded brochures, opening outwards it rolls open, so that all the folds are in the same direction. Where the brochure is folded inward at one end it is then folded inward again and again.

  • Concertina-fold brochures, also known as z-fold or zig-zag fold, are simple zig-zag folds with 6-panels and two parallel folds that go in opposite directions. Each panel of the concertina fold is about the same size. 

  • Flyers are among the most simple and popular of print options. They easily fit inside any mailbox. They don’t include a fold, as they are only a single sheet of paper. Flyer printing is vastly used for promotional campaigns and marketing campaigns.

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