Structural 3D Design Solutions

Our specialist structural designers do more than just catch shoppers attention – they convert sales.

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What is structural 3D design for retail displays?

Structural 3D design for retail displays is developing and creating three-dimensional displays, including designs for temporary, semi-permanent & permanent point of sales (POS), retail fit-outs, branded apparel, window displays, branded merchandise, pop-up stores and event activations. These designs and displays are powerful marketing tools to leverage as they can grab shoppers’ attention, convert sales and create meaningful experiences. Create visually captivating 3D structural designs for your retail displays with IVE’s team of skilled specialist structural designers. Reach out to us to get a quote for your next retail display.

How do structural 3D designs help in converting sales?

Visually captivating structural 3D designs have the power to make your display become the main attraction, capture shoppers’ attention and influence them to make a purchase. Your retail displays encourage them to engage with your brand; thus, immersing them in your personalised messaging and promotions. In turn, the interaction opens opportunities for you to create meaningful relationships with your customers, leading to increased conversion rates and sales.

What types of retail touchpoints can be designed by your team?

Our team of designers are skilled in an array of 3D structural designs to make your vision into reality. We design window displays and temporary, semi-permanent & permanent point of sales (POS) to attract customers and influence them to make a purchase, whether inside or outside your store. Additionally, we can help bring your retail space to life with retail fit-outs and keep you consistent with branded apparel and merchandise, which can be used as uniforms or giveaways. For off-site promotions, our team works closely with you to create bespoke event activations and pop-ups to make you the centre of attention at any event.

How can structural 3D design make my brand the centre of attention?

Our team of specialist structural designers in Sydney and Melbourne fully understands how the right campaign strategy executed at the right time can positively influence customer behaviour. By studying your brand and target market, our team is able to create attention-grabbing displays and relevant brand messaging that will give your customers an indelible experience while being aligned with your business requirements. Start your retail marketing efforts with the right messaging. IVE’s team of designers are experienced in rolling out small- and large-scale marketing campaigns with quality, speed and efficiency.

Can you ensure brand integrity in the design process?

Yes, we can as our team completely understands how important brand integrity is and its impact on your customers and sales. With that, we follow a rigorous process of gathering information that is beneficial to creating structural 3D designs that completely represent your brand and intentions, such as brand guidelines, values, business goals, objectives, customer data and more. All throughout, our team extensively collaborates with you to ensure everything is aligned with your expectations, including the visual and messaging aspects of it, until the final execution of the design.

How can I get started with the structural 3D design process?

Getting started with the structural 3D design process is easy and simple—get in touch with our structural design specialists, and they’ll handle the rest. From discussion and conceptualisation to design and final execution, our team will work closely with you to bring your vision to life. Roll out innovative designs, impactful messages and visually stunning displays at your storefront, near your POS or even during your off-site pop-up events and activations with IVE’s creative team on deck.

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