Our People

Beyond all our offerings and capabilities, it’s our people who make IVE what it is today.

The commitment, talent and stability of our staff remain at the core of our capacity to consistently deliver for our clients. As part of our IVE Care program, we invest significantly into employee wellbeing, diversity & inclusion, and workplace health & safety. This has helped us to remain the employer of choice across all sectors that we operate in, ensuring we attract and retain the best talent.


We’re a diverse group of focused specialists and craftspeople. No matter what a client’s specific needs, we’ll have the right experts perfectly suited to the task.


While each of us are specialists in our individual fields, the real magic happens when we come together. Integrating our skills and disciplines, we draw from the depth and breadth of our organisation to create exceptional outcomes for our clients.


We’re down-to-earth by nature and are authentic in everything we do, because we genuinely care for our clients and their customers.


We have an unwavering drive to deliver above and beyond, and exceed expectations. Tenacity, dedication, and a hard-working ethic that gets results.

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