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There’s nothing more powerful than speaking directly to a customer. And personalisation is where we lead the way.

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What is personalised creative content?

Personalised creative content is marketing collaterals and/or forms of media that communicate a message, advertise a product or service and promote the brand itself to a target audience, such as social media posts, emails, microsites, promotional mail and more. The content’s messaging is based on relevant customer data and information; therefore, making each one unique, interesting and engaging. Add a personal touch when communicating with your target market. IVE has a personalised creative team that creates content and images that are tailored to your customers, building long-term brand affinity and improving marketing impact.

How does the personalised creative team tailor content to each customer?

Through gathered data and information from customers or leads, the creative team is able to identify which elements are crucial to add and highlight on your marketing collaterals. Depending on your strategy, we can create content for a certain group or your whole target market that will resonate with them and leave a positive impact on their shopping experience. Need help in creating collaterals that speak your brand? IVE has creative specialists to help you create engaging content that converts.

What are the benefits of personalised creative content?

Going for a personalised creative content approach elevates your marketing efforts while bringing a lot of benefits to your brand. First, the personal touch taps into your target market’s preferences and interests, capturing their attention and influencing them to make a purchase or recommend your brand to their family and friends. Second, it increases sales as your leads and customers feel that your messages are directed towards them, making them feel valued. Lastly, you publish the right content at the right time, fostering connection, lifetime value and loyalty with your customers over time.

How does personalised creative content improve brand affinity?

One of the best ways to get started in improving brand affinity is by publishing relevant content that resonates with your target audience. Personalised content with engaging and valuable messaging creates meaningful connections that turn into loyalty, advocacy for your brand and trust over time. Achieve this by understanding your target market through data gathering, research and analysis first before strategising your next campaign or event.

Can personalised creative content be used across different marketing channels?

Yes, personalised content is not limited to use for a single channel or platform. A brand can post content across multiple marketing channels, including emails, social media platforms, landing pages, promotional mail and more, for consistency, increased visibility and wider reach. The marketing channel depends on the brand, and our creative team can develop the type of content needed that aligns with your brand values, requirements and objectives.

How can I get started with personalised creative content for my brand?

Get started in publishing the right personalised creative content at the right time with the experts. IVE has a personalised creative team that develops content consisting of engaging imagery and messaging for your customers across multiple platforms/channels, including social media, microsites, emails and more. Start building relationships with your audience to establish a solid brand affinity, elevate your marketing efforts and hit business goals with our team. Reach out to us to get started in building campaigns that are both customer-centric and relevant.

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