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Reach 17 million customers a week through Australia’s largest distribution network.

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Does flyer distribution work?

Yes! Companies will always need to promote their products, and flyer distribution is one of the best and most affordable ways to do it offline. The number one benefit of this strategy is that it adjusts the messaging depending on your target audience. Or add a personal touch to whatever you want to convey while still being clear and straight to the point—with no fluff added.

As one of Australia’s trusted catalogue distribution companies, IVE sees that its clients' flyers or leaflets are delivered to the intended recipients. We can deliver to 17 million people in 7 million homes every week! 

What are the benefits of using a Leaflet Distribution Service?

With many businesses moving into the digital era, a leaflet distribution service remains one of the most efficient ways to achieve your advertising efforts. Below are the many benefits that go with integrating hand-to-hand flyer distribution into your marketing strategies: 

  • Target your ideal customers: Through leaflet letterbox delivery or letterbox dropping, it makes it easier for your business to distribute flyers in areas that have a larger proportion of your market. 
  • Build relationships with potential customers: Going door-to-door to distribute leaflets has additional benefits, like connecting with potential customers personally and conveying your message more effectively.
  • Easy to read: Your target audience may ignore a leaflet if it doesn't stand out from the crowd. With IVE, we can work with you on the flyer design to help you grab the attention of your potential customers.
  • Track results easily: By using IVE's flyer delivery to pinpoint and map your campaign, you can monitor sales in your service region and demonstrate a positive return on investment.
Can you print the flyers for me?

Yes, of course! Our team can work with you on the flyer design and print your letterbox campaigns. With over 40 years in letterbox distribution, pamphlet or catalogue delivery and an established network of printers, we can help you create and run a successful campaign with a good return on investment.

Do you offer full GPS tracking services for letterbox distribution?

Yes, we do! With our three-tiered approach to distribution verification, rest assured that your letterbox drop will be successful. We use ivehub, a GPS mapping application that enables visibility of delivery routes in post-campaign reports so that you can be certain that your material gets delivered on time and to the right location.

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