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What is kitting and fulfilment?

In integrated logistics, kitting refers to the practice of combining many items into a single delivery unit. When a company needs stationery supplies, the shipping team will collect all the individual items and consolidate them into a few packages for shipment. 

In contrast, fulfilment is a crucial step in the supply chain that includes dealing with customers' orders and shipments, keeping inventory in the warehouse, packing boxes, assuring timely delivery and managing returns.

What is the process of kitting?

Kitting is a useful business practice for companies offering freight management services or those involved in the distribution of goods, whether retail, production or wholesale. It can help your company save money and time while increasing sales and improving efficiency. Below are just a few steps involved in the kitting process: 

  • Determine what items will go into a kit
  • Give this new bundle a separate SKU in your inventory management system
  • Relocate the items to a more convenient area of your warehouse so that they can be packaged easily 
  • Store and ship the kits
Why is kitting and fulfilment important to your company?

Aside from streamlining daily operations, there are other benefits to adopting a kitting and fulfilment strategy. These practices are both time-efficient and cost-effective—as kitting is completed in advance, it will not disrupt the production process. Also, with the correct SKUs in place, you will have an easier time tracking your inventory and always have access to the most recent stock.

Since everything is provided in a convenient package with SKU, the final fulfilling procedure is fast and error-free. For that reason, less space in the fulfilment centre is required.

Why should you outsource kitting?

Kitting is a service that adds substantial value to your business, especially if handled by a trusted partner like IVE. By providing warehouse services, pick-and-pack, freight management and distribution, we guarantee a stress-free experience for our clients. For large scale, complex and time-sensitive campaigns, we offer our clients kitting and fulfilment services from our locations in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.

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