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Conveying a brand’s true essence to customers often takes something special—something they can touch, feel, wear or experience.

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What are promotional products?

Promotional items are an excellent way to boost brand recognition for businesses who want to get their name out there more. Products like these are imprinted with a company's name, logo or message and are usually distributed as giveaways or corporate gifts during trade shows or events. Depending on the goals you have set for your company, personalised pens, tote bags and notepads are a few examples of promotional merchandise available to you. 

Are promotional products effective?

Yes. Promotional items are an efficient advertising medium for companies to promote themselves and grow bigger. Investing in high-quality business gifts is an excellent way for companies to show appreciation to their employees and gain the trust of future clients or customers. Besides that, handing out branded merchandise is also a great approach to increase your visibility. Your target market becomes unwitting brand ambassadors when they carry your swag around. Even if they don't talk much about it, more people will see it and become aware of who you are.

How do I choose the right promotional product for my brand?

Once you've decided to invest in something, you should consider what will appeal most to your intended audience. The perfect personalised merchandise serves a useful purpose, has some real value and accurately represents what your brand stands for. Looking to increase your marketing efforts or brand recognition? IVE, one of the leading merchandise providers in Australia, can help you rise above the competition by offering you a range of promotional items tailored to your needs.

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