Data-Driven Communications

To create meaningful experiences with customers, we need to truly understand them. Getting to that understanding, across vast and varied audiences, takes one critical element: data.

Privacy Awareness

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Data is the competitive advantage needed to match the reach, pace and personalisation today’s clients demand.

Driven by data, we provide deep customer insights and specialist marketing technology services. We then implement these through the creation, production and delivery of targeted personalised communications, across every channel — physical and digital.

By combining breadth and depth of capability, we ensure speed, impact, reduced risk of data mismanagement, and a greater measurable return on investment for our clients. This leads to better, more holistic brand experiences for customers.

CX Data and Insights

Understanding customers in ways others don’t enables us to respond in ways others can’t.

Marketing Technology

We help our clients navigate the complexities of marketing technology to enhance their customers’ experience.

Omnichannel Deployment

We create, produce and deliver promotional and essential communications across every channel.

Archive Retrieval

We securely archive all essential communications sent to customers, and can provide them with a portal to access these at any time.

Data Enrichment

It’s no longer enough knowing who your customer is. Now, knowing when, where and how to connect with them is vital.

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What is a data-driven business?

A data-driven business employs a systematic approach to analysing and interpreting data to draw conclusions and make strategic decisions. When organisations leverage data, it enables them to discover new opportunities, improve customer journeys, increase revenue, and enhance operations, among other things.

IVE is a data-driven company; since we don't rely on our gut feel or intuition, it helps us provide more in-depth customer insights and specialised marketing technology services. 

Then, we put these strategies into action by developing, producing and distributing personalised communications directed toward specific audiences across all channels, both physical and digital. Get in touch with us and let us know how we can help you, from marketing technology consultancy and marketing automation to archival retrieval and data enrichment.

What are the benefits of being data-driven?

There are many advantages to taking risks in business, but that doesn’t mean you have to go all out on every opportunity. Understanding the dynamics of the market and knowing how to connect with your customers is vital. Below are the many benefits of maximising data analytics to your internal day-to-day operations. 

  • Understand and connect with customers in ways others don’t through data-driven communications 
  • Outsmart competition and boost revenue by maximising data analytics
  • Make well-informed decisions quickly and with confidence 
  • Create, produce and deliver data-driven communications across every channel–from direct mail marketing to DM communications
  • Find emerging patterns with ease and locate any gaps in the products or services that your company provides

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