Data-Driven Communications

To create meaningful experiences with customers, we need to truly understand them.

Getting to that understanding, across vast and varied audiences, takes one critical element: data. That’s the competitive advantage needed to match the reach, pace and personalisation today’s clients demand. 

Driven by data, we provide deep customer insights and expert marketing technology services. We then implement this through the creation, production and delivery of targeted personalised communications, across every channel—physical and digital.  

By combining breadth and depth of capability, we ensure speed, impact, reduced risk of data mismanagement, and a greater measurable return on investment for our clients. This leads to better, more holistic brand experiences for customers. 

CX Data & Insights

CX Data & Insights

Cutting through complex customer data.

We gather, visualise and translate our clients’ data with one goal in mind—to understand the customer. 

Understanding customers in ways others don’t enables us to respond in ways others can’t.  

Through our customer experience data and insights offering, we create an ever-evolving, customer-centric view of the world. We consolidate all data points from across our clients’ legacy data sources against each customer, and enrich this data with information we continually receive from that individual. This allows us to gain deep insight into every customer, and provide real-time updates on their changing behaviour.

We call this our single-customer view. It’s our way of crafting and measuring customer experiences, and it continually informs our insight services such as data analysis, data visualisation, targeting and benchmarking, customer segment identification, segment and channel reporting, campaign reporting, automated journey reporting, and inbound data retrieval information.  

Ultimately our CX data and insight services pinpoint customer understanding, using it to tailor effective communications and craft personal experiences for individuals throughout their customer journey.

Marketing Technology

Marketing Technology

Creating customer experiences.

We guide our clients on how to navigate the complexities of marketing technology to enhance their customers’ experience.

Our marketing technology specialists focus on three key areas—platform, people and process. We ensure our clients’ chosen marketing platform operates in-line with their business aims, and that they also have the right people and processes in place to deliver sustained and measurable results.  

Our team creates automated customer journeys and strategic targeted campaigns to deliver our clients’ overarching objectives. Platform agnostic, our work in this area has seen us globally awarded for Salesforce marketing cloud innovation, achieve Salesforce Platinum partner status, and have the largest scale Adobe campaign deployment across the region.

We also offer our clients campaign management services. Here we embed our specialists onsite to support their marketing teams, and help them to implement automated customer journeys and targeted marketing campaigns themselves.

Whichever service model our clients prefer, the end result is improved customer experiences and better measurable return on marketing technology investment.

Omni-Channel Deployment

Omni-Channel Deployment

Reaching customers wherever, whenever.

It’s no longer enough knowing who your customer is. Now, knowing when, where and how to connect with them is crucial.

We create, produce and deliver promotional and essential communications across every channel. From an emailed statement or a notification via SMS, to a personalised promotion or loyalty program delivered in the mail - we deploy every touchpoint at the right time, via the right channels, to the right customers.

While some companies specialise in either print or digital, we specialise in both.   This means our digital transformation specialists can look at our clients’ holistic communications activities and recommend which touchpoints should transition to digital, and equally as importantly, which shouldn’t. For the touchpoints that are best to keep printed and mailed, our print and postage experts advise on the best options to achieve maximum impact at minimum cost. More often than not it’s the combination of both channels that will result in the most effective solution for our clients.  

We’re proud to offer Australia’s largest array of personalised print and finishing capabilities. With our multi-site production and distribution network spanning Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, we’re able to deploy data-driven communications with unmatched speed to market. This also ensures our clients’ valuable data isn’t sent to multiple third-party suppliers to complete jobs, where it can be exposed to data mismanagement and security breaches.

When it comes to deploying essential and promotional data-driven communications across all channels, we provide our clients with an unparalleled combination of effectiveness, cost efficiency, speed and security.

Retrieval & Enrichment

Retrieval & Enrichment

Closing the loop.

We don’t stop at delivery. We can securely archive all communications sent to customers, and provide them with the ability to access these at any time. This not only improves each customer’s experience, but also enriches our understanding of their behaviour.  

Our secure archive retrieval capability provides a record of all communications sent to customers. This can be accessed by approved third parties (usually call centres) or by customers themselves, to help them get what they need faster and improve their overall brand experience.

We capture all of these interactions and link this wealth of data back to each individual. This enriches our understanding of each customer’s behaviour. Whether the communication is delivered via email, SMS, personalised video or other engagement, we know what the customer has opened, on what device, their dwell time, and what they do next—on every digital interaction. Through this improved understanding of customer behaviour, we can unlock the full potential of our clients’ marketing platforms and drive a competitive advantage.



A good call.

The industry leader in data-driven tele-fundraising campaigns.

We help our clients connect with their supporters in personal, inspiring and compelling ways that deliver results. Our sophisticated data targeting expertise ensures our clients are reaching the right supporters, with the right message, at the right time. These capabilities can also accurately predict how our clients’ campaigns will perform.

Live campaign reporting allows us to modify our campaigns on an ongoing basis, based on the donor interaction with them. This helps our clients to not waste valuable marketing spend, and helps ensure they stay on target with their marketing activities.

Whether we’re targeting active, acquired or lapsed donors, our data-driven insights, leading-edge technology, and over 13 years’ Not-For Profit (NFP) sector experience ensures we deliver the best results for every tele-fundraising campaign.

More Services

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Exceptional customer experiences often demand tangible touchpoints. These need to be precisely produced and delivered across a wide array of distinct capabilities encompassing print, retail display, premiums, merchandising, fulfilment and logistics.

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Marketing is fragmented and complex, especially for larger brands with multi-faceted requirements. Our Integrated Marketing offering helps solve this.

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Creative is a field for specialists—designers, writers, artists and alchemists who have mastered their craft. Applying that craft to complex, decoupled marketing campaigns with accuracy, speed and scale is where we excel.  

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