Archive Retrieval Solutions

We securely archive all essential communications sent to customers, and can provide them with a portal to access these at any time.

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What is Archive Retrieval, and how does it work?

The term "archive retrieval" is used to describe the process of finding a specific file, record or document and delivering it for use. This involves retrieving data from an archive including transferring inactive data to a different storage device, older data that is still useful to the company and may be required for future reference, as well as data that must be kept for regulatory compliance.

In need of quick access to any information you need? IVE offers clients web-based document archival and viewing solutions. We use the SecurDocs Archive System to digitally archive a wide variety of client papers, both paper and electronic.

Why do I need Archive Retrieval for my business communications?

Archiving important data can be extremely valuable for businesses as it allows them to gain insight into their target market and make more informed decisions about their advertising strategies. Having a secure, searchable archive can also help businesses to comply with legal and regulatory requirements for data retention and retrieval. This can help reduce the risk of legal action and damage to your image that can come from not following the rules.

IVE’s secure archive retrieval capability provides a record of all communications sent to customers. This can be accessed by approved third parties or by customers themselves, to help them get what they need faster and improve their overall brand experience.

Can I access my archived communications from anywhere and at any time?

Many modern archiving solutions are designed to be accessible via web-based portals or mobile applications, which can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection. If you require assistance with this matter, you can be confident that our services go beyond just delivery. We offer secure archiving of all communications that are sent to customers, with the added benefit of providing them access at any time. This not only enhances each customer's experience but also helps us gain valuable insight into their behaviour. In addition to digital document security, our archiving technology is capable of tailoring workflow requirements as part of the process.

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