13 April 2020

Publishers take advantage of IVE’s onshore printing capabilities amidst COVID-19 restrictions

As light begins to emerge at the end of the COVID-19 tunnel, the question of whether we will see a migration from globalisation towards localisation beckons. Will local business move work onshore to protect their supply chains in the future? If Australia’s leading holistic marketing company, IVE, is anything to go by, the answer is yes.

Many publishers who relied heavily on offshore suppliers have begun to come back to local suppliers such as IVE, as they look to diversify their supplier networks during a time of disruption. In fact IVE has seen local colour book production double since COVID-19.

“As the impact of COVID-19 continues, we are seeing some silver linings” explains Cliff Brigstocke, IVE CEO Production & Distribution. “Our local colour book printing capability is one such example. It’s been great to work with Australian publishers to provide an onshore manufacturing capability. Our competitive onshore pricing model, coupled with better service and super-fast turnaround times has started to make local production a preferred production choice for many publishers again. This shift has only been accelerated by the current pandemic”.

Brigstocke continued, “an important outcome of publishers bringing their colour book production back onshore, is that we can keep more Australians employed. Keeping more jobs in Australia is critical during this time and something a number of publishers have responded well to”.

IVE is locally equipped to print colour books such as lifestyle catalogues, cookbooks and Children’s educational and activity books, in short and long print runs. With duplicate printing operations in Sydney and Melbourne they have the flexibility to turnaround print under the tightest deadlines taking days not several as opposed to weeks from overseas; they talk in terms of days not several weeks. This enables IVE to ensure the highest quality printing ensuring near immediate availability, an important factor especially in the current environment.

“Our local printing capabilities aren’t just confined to colour books,” concluded Brigstocke. “From brochures, packaging and publications, to catalogues, flyers, mailers and more – IVE can print and distribute all of it locally, ensuring our clients achieve maximum impact at the best value. By leveraging our local printing capabilities, publishers located in Australia are able to continue operating and supplying colour books to their customers through this COVID-19 period and beyond”.

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