COVID-19 Response FAQs

1. What measures has IVE taken in response to the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak?

IVE is committed to providing a safe work environment for our employees, and ensuring the continuity of our operations to provide seamless service to our customers globally. Our aim is to make sure our people, partners, suppliers and operations are protected from any risk as far as possible and that appropriate mitigations are in place to manage any disruption to our business. To date, there have been no cases of COVID-19 involving anyone at IVE. We are taking precautionary measures to respond to the evolving situation regarding COVID-19:

  • Employee Travel Restrictions: Until the end of April, a travel restriction is now in place across the Group – any exceptions will need to be approved by the Executive Leadership Team. Video Conferencing capabilities are in place to minimise the impact of the travel restrictions.

  • Supply Chain Management: IVE is firmly committed to the assessment and assurance of supply necessary to maintain our global products and services. Critical suppliers have been identified and we are working with them to review their Pandemic Plans. We will continue to work closely with our supply chain to ensure any potential impact on our customers is minimised.

  • Preventative Measures in the Workplace: IVE is following guidance from the World Health Organisation and Australian Department of Health to assess risk in the workplace and we are taking preventative measures at all sites. All sites are open, with an additional cleaning program in place to ensure workspaces are kept sanitised. All sites have been issued with hand sanitisers and wipes for personal use.

  • Visitor Screening: Restrictions have been put in place to limit site visits. We are also asking all visitors – including customers, partners, suppliers and contract workers – to confirm they have not recently travelled from overseas, and/or not knowingly been in contact with a confirmed COVID-19 carrier in the past 14 days.

  • IVE Staff on Customer Sites: For those customers where we have IVE Employees working on your sites, we will look to minimise the risk to everyone and we will consult with you about whether our staff should work from our offices, or from home, until further notice.

2. What will IVE do to ensure continuity, and what mitigation plans are in place in the event IVE must close a location?

IVE’s Business Continuity Management Program takes a holistic, enterprise-wide approach in order to ensure end-to-end continuity across the value chain. Our Pandemic Plan, which is an extension of our BCM, has been reviewed and updated to reflect current best practice. Our Crisis Management Team are meeting regularly to discuss the risks and are addressing any identified issues as they arise. In preparation, the following actions have been taken:

  • Site Locations: With over 30 sites nationwide, IVE is able to fulfil supply obligations from multiple locations including the advantage of having duplicate sites in Australia for all key operations in the event we have to close a location for a period of time.

  • Remote Access for Staff: Without compromising our high Information Security standards, we have commenced testing of teams working remotely in the event that a site does need to shut down. Ensuring that staff have the means as well as the processes in place to effectively manage our Customer’s requirements.

  • Staggered Shifts: We have staggered our production shifts in order to socially isolate the teams to reduce the impact of an infection on site. The time between shifts is used to sanitise the work environment to prevent contamination spread.

  • Relocation of Materials: IVE encourages our Customers to reach out to ensure that any materials that require transfer to another site are agreed in preparation for an incident requiring a site to close down. Alternative arrangements may be suggested by your IVE Account Manager.

  • Business Continuity: Our Business Continuity Plan will be enacted in the event that a site is closed down for longer than 24 hours or as per agreed contracts. This will be communicated to customers with further updates provided daily.

3. Does IVE have a plan in place should an IVE employee come into contact with COVID-19 or test positive for the virus?

The health and safety of our staff is of upmost importance to us as is the delivery of our services and supply to our customers. Where an IVE employee is at risk of exposure to an infected person or environment – or tests positive for the COVID-19 virus – the employee (and any other employees potentially exposed) will be required to self-quarantine for a period of 14 days. Contingencies are in place to minimise single point sensitivities within the business to reduce the impact to our Customers.

4. Is IVE’s BCP adequate for this current threat?

In preparation, the following activities are being conducted daily:

  • Assess risks and potential impacts and develop strategies for mitigating impacts – review and update our Business Impact Analysis

  • Develop and implement plans and processes for rapid and effective response, management and recovery from events

  • Monitor, review, train staff, exercise and continually improve strategies and plans

  • Integrate business continuity planning into fundamental management processes to ensure our resiliency and preparedness

IVE is prepared to enact our BCP if necessary, and will provide regular communications to our Customers and Partners to provide the same high level of service and supply that is expected of us.

5. Do you have any further questions or concerns?

Please do not hesitate to reach out to your IVE contact should you have any additional questions.