26 April, 2020

IVE Benchmarking 2020


From bushfires to COVID-19, the fundraising sector is facing challenges like never before. To ensure you’re in the best position to weather the storm, a healthy fundraising portfolio, loyal donors, agility and innovation are now more critical than ever.

IVE’s Benchmarking 2020 report gives member charities the performance baseline against which to monitor these changes, to help you play to your strengths, to understand your vulnerabilities, and work out ‘where to from here’. With 10 years’ transactional data from Australia’s leading charities across health, community, humanitarian, education, environment and animal welfare, IVE Benchmarking empowers charities with evidence and insights to improve program management and inform strategy. It is also a celebration of the fundraising sector’s collaboration and unity.

Join us on for our Benchmarking 2020 Industry Trends event on May 5th and 7th 2020. Presented online across two 2-hour sessions, the event will feature some of the sector’s leading fundraisers who will discuss the current trends, implications, and share ideas on the way forward. If you’re a member of IVE Benchmarking 2020 make sure you register for this event by Thursday 30th April.

  • Silver Members register here
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  • Platinum Members register here If you’re interested in becoming a member of Benchmarking or for more information contact kerren.morrris@ivegroup.com.au

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